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What I’m Loving: June 2016
What I'm Loving


Hello? Is this thing on? I’m like a comedian stepping in front of the harsh spotlight of a stage and a hot mike because guys, it’s been a LONG time. Like, this-blog-has-dust bunnies-under-its-covers long. But I made a promise last fall to focus on finishing my second manuscript and now that I’ve done it, I finally have head space again to write some fun content for my website. Topping that list are these round-ups of books, films, pop culture kernels and random catch-all I’ve been loving lately.

1) Cavallini Wrapping Paper: My introduction to this gorgeous paper came in 2010. Nick and I were a few weeks shy of a European vacation when a package arrived from a UK photographer-turned-admirer-turned-soon-to-be-friend. Emma (who we later met up with for drinks at a London pub) had wrapped tour guides and Paris subway tickets in this awesome London paper. I was smitten. Recently, I placed an order for Cavallini paper, this time as prints for my son. (For his upcoming fourth birthday, we’re gifting him a “big boy” room and I can’t wait to see how his fascination with bugs plays out with prints like this on his walls—although pardon me while I sob because MY KID IS FOUR ALREADY).

2) Kondo-ing: You didn’t know that was a verb? If you’d read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up you would. I read this book in May, after which I entered into a cartoon-like purge of my house, complete with flailing arms and clothes flying through the air. (At some point, I want to write a blog post about my thoughts on how clutter impedes creativity). If you’re needing a nudge to tidy up your own place, swing by and I’ll lend you my copy.

3) MSecure: Wouldn’t the world be easier if we didn’t need passwords for EVERYTHING? Awhile back, I cried uncle on the number of times I’ve forgotten the variation of the three I use and bought this app (which is $10). BEST MONEY EVER SPENT. Now I’ve got the passwords and important details for a host of other things I need to know (birthdays, SS#s, our Wi-Fi code) stored safely in my phone. I swear my brain sighs with relief every time I open up this app.

4) Me Before You: It feels like a million years ago I saw this, but also like I waited a million years for it to make its way to the theater. I was one of the approximately 10.2 million women who read—and sobbed—over JoJo Moyes’ book when it came out. I loved the actors in the film and while I was glad to see it was a faithful adaptation (#bumblebeetights), I agree with this Bustle list of scenes that should have made it into the movie.

5) The Balanced Life: What I love about instructor Robin Long is that she has a gentle approach to exercise (Pilates specifically) and a mantra that even if you only have 10 minutes a day (which is the basis of a lot of her daily workouts), you can still see results. I’ve been a monthly subscriber of The Balanced Life for a few months now (it’s $9 for a packet of recipes and workout links to follow) and it’s so worth. She’s motivating me in a way my gym membership never has!


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