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What I’m Loving: July 2015
What I'm Loving

WILJULY20151) Day Designer Planner from Target: I’ve tried umpteen times to make a physical planner work and so many times I’ve failed. When I saw Whitney English was bringing her much-touted Day Designer planners to Target, I went out of my way to give one a go. I’ve had friends rave about them, and so far, so good. I think why it’s working for me is because Whitney has laid out the pages so well. Each gives you a schedule and to-do list with plenty of space (so key!), alongside inspirational quotes and gratitude prompts. If you’ve not had a planner work for you, give this one a try!

2) USA Network’s Mr. Robot: Have you heard about this show? It’s such a tightly wound thriller, about a cyber security engineer who’s a vigilante hacker by night. There’s a lot of reasons why the narrative shouldn’t work (the cliched use of voice over, for starters), and yet its young lead, actor Rami Malek, delivers. There’s been a lot of buzz about how much better Mr. Robot is than this season’s True Detective. So far, it along with VEEP have been Nick and I’s favorite summer binges.

3) Bequet Caramels: Paying homage to our July road trip to Bozeman, this Montana candy company makes THE.BEST.CARAMELS.EVER. I’m not a sweets person and yet these things make me seriously drool. I happily snatched up a bag of the sea salt variety and have been nursing them at home ever since (one with a cup of coffee goes down so smooth). If you know someone who has a gourmet sweet tooth, these are worth every penny!

4) YES To Cucumber Face Wipes: Best.face.wipes.ever. These were a necessity on our summer road trip and I use them a lot now at home too. They make your face smell amazingly clean, and—happy news—they’re biodegradable, so you can feel less guilty about tossing those used ones in the trash.

5) Leon Bridges’ Coming Home: As a girl Capital “O” obsessed with crooners Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, discovering this debut artist has made my ears so stinking happy this summer. Call it a “soul revival” (as Pitchfork describes), but however you pin down Leon’s sound, I’m just happy it’s in vogue again. “Shine” is one of my fave tracks on the album.



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