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What I’m Loving: August 2015
What I'm Loving

WIL_AUGUST20151) Olly Vitamins: Target to the rescue again! My beautiful friend Mary wrote about these vitamins recently and, being on the hunt for a new brand, I was sold. Dean LOVES them! And okayyyy, I love ’em too. Something about gummies that just make you more inclined to want to take your vitamins.

2) Halsey: I feel so out of touch with music lately. It’s just not a priority, especially when I write in silence (I wish it wasn’t that way!) Recently, I was on iTunes and I spotted this blue-haired beauty in the header. Curious, I clicked and then fell in love. Give “Hold Me Down” a listen. If you like her sound (to me it’s like if Robyn, Tegan and Sara, and Lorde—all personal faves—had a music baby, especially on “New Americana“), the whole album is pretty great. I think she’s going to be BIG.

3) Young Living Essential Oils: Even though I’ve been using essential oils on and off for more than six months now, I wasn’t exactly “sold” on them. (The ex-journalist in me can be pretty skeptical.) Then, as I recently found myself placing an order for replacement oils (I love lavender to help me sleep and a big ‘ol whiff of peppermint clears my head like nothing else), I realized, “Hmmm….maybe I’m a fan after all!” Essential oils tend to invoke a lot of questions from people—if you have any, let me know! I know several women who are distributors I could hook you up with!

4) J.Crew Embroidered Top: It’s not often I get to shop anymore. And that’s okay; I actually prefer it that way! I don’t need much to add to my wardrobe, which is probably why, when I do get a chance to go, I’m either keen on updating a staple in my closet or finding something striking and unusual. This top is definitely in the latter category. Purchased it Sunday, wore it Monday and snagged enough compliments for me to know it’s a winner. Love that it’s on sale too!

5) Trainwreck: Maybe my affinity for this movie has something to do with the fact I saw it with my best friend and we were already in giggly moods, and so, when we walked out of the theater with our sides hurting from laughter, it was the making of a feel-good memory. It might also have to do with the fact this film sold me on Bill Hader as a romantic lead. Amy Schumer pushes the envelope with her character in this (you pretty much start to hate her), but Bill’s enduring character Aaron pulls her out of her self-loathing in a reality check that feels true to life. Plus, those last 15 minutes of this film? Best rom-com moment I’ve had in years.

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  • April Cochran-Smith

    We love Olly vitamins over here too! I saw them on an endocarp in Target right after they came out &, being the sucker for packaging that I am, decided to give them a try. I use the women’s multi, Undeniable Beauty, & Effortless Digestion. They’re all delicious & my hair & nails have never looked healthier. Seriously! Oh, but don’t try the Energy one. It’s so gross! Off to check out some new music now 😉

  • Ali

    Okay Gail – I’ll bite on the essential oils! I remember using peppermint for motion sickness as a kid and tea tree oil is a staple in our house for cleaning, but I am unsure of the other uses. Feel free to hook me up with one of your ladies!

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