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The Return of What I’m Loving
What I'm Loving


For years I’ve curated online collections of books, shows, music, and beauty & fashion must-haves. I do it because it’s fun, but also because many friends have shared how much they appreciate the feature–how it’s introduced them to something they’ve fallen for just as much.

While my designer was finishing my new site, I was making mad little lists of new things I wanted to share. On that note, let me reintroduce my monthly installments of What I’m Loving.

1) The Mindy Project: Several friends nudged me to watch this but it wasn’t until I saw Mindy Kaling speak last September that I felt the need. A Hulu Plus membership allowed my husband and I to binge watch this winter and now I can attest it’s my new favorite show. These days, a half-hour sitcom is its own form of appeal. But also, it’s a must-watch for a dose of Danny Castellano. Hats off to Chris Messina for bringing to life a character who’s hot, funny, but complicated and flawed. And hats off to Mindy and her fellow writers for gifting us a couple that’s both relatable and real, comedic quirks and all.

2) Anna Sale’s Death, Sex & Money podcast: When the nation collectively finished its mass listening of the final Serial podcast in December, I think all our ears felt a little bereft. That’s why I was glad someone tipped me off to Anna Sale’s podcast, full of stories about the “big questions and hard choices often left out of polite conversation.” Give it a listen. And if you’re already a fan, this origin story is a fun read.

3) Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel: I’m toying with the idea of starting an Author Crush category on here and if I do, Emily will be the first writer I profile. Her latest novel, nominated for a slew of awards and sitting pretty atop all the bestseller lists, left me in awe.  It also made for the best discussion my book club has had in years.

4) Almay’s Liquid Lip Balm: I’m a girly girl in the sense I’m a sucker for impulse make-up buys at drugstores. Recently I snatched up this lip balm in a tomato-y shade of red and quickly fell in love. It tastes good (always a plus when transitioning away from the Bonne Bell section of one’s youth), but also gives a perfect hint of color, which is especially great if you’re someone who doesn’t want to wear all that much.

5) Houndmouth: As this review declares, get on the Houndmouth train while you can. With its sophomore album, Neon Limelight, the Indiana-bred (yeah!) band has one of those sounds you just know is going to break big in a Death Cab/Of Monsters and Men/Edward Sharpe kind of way. Check out “Sedona,” a favorite track of mine. Gosh they’re hipster cute, aren’t they?

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  • Jill

    Yay! I’m so glad this feature is back!

    • gw_admin

      Thanks Jill! Me too! I’ve been reading these on and off in my head for a few months now, so I’m happy to start them back up again! It was fun to look back at some old ones I did too!

  • Allison

    I loved Station Eleven! I was kind of burned out on the apocalyptic narratives at that point, but I was hearing so many rave reviews that I decided to go ahead and read it when it came in at the library. It was just different enough (and realistic enough, I thought!) from all the others I’ve read in recent years to seem fresh and enjoyable.

    • gw_admin

      Wasn’t it FANTASTIC?! I actually don’t read much in that genre but to me, this felt like a different kind of apocalyptic world than the ones exhausted in YA literature (Hunger Games/Divergent). Meaning, this one scared because it felt SO REAL. I love Emily’s writing!

  • Mary Saou

    Thanks for the tip– Station Eleven should be on my doorstep in two days! I’ve been wanting a new bit of fiction now that my classes are done for the term and I get to read for myself (when I’m not wrangling my cute and crazy boys), so I’m looking forward to this! A Gail recommendation has never failed me yet!!

    • gw_admin

      Mary, ohh I hope you love it! I thought it was just SO incredible! Mostly because I could see it happening–which felt scary but made it so I couldn’t stop reading!

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