What to Read Now: Fall 2015

For about a year now I’ve been collaborating with uber-awesome LA stylist Jen Pinkston as her go-to source for seasonal book recommendations for her lifestyle site, EffortlessChic.com. Check out my latest fall reading list and, for a long view, check out my picks for summer 2015, winter 2015, fall 2014, and summer 2014.

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More than a month—that’s how long it’s been since I’ve made a new post. The good news: It’s because, after a busy summer, I’ve hunkered down and am writing, writing, writing again (just passed the 100 page mark on my second book —woot!) The bad news: Working in earnest on my novel means, after work and family commitments are factored in, I have little time to write much else. There are blog posts in recent weeks I’ve written in my …

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Breaking Down My Reading Habit

Only in the last few years have I thought of myself as a “fast” reader. As I post short reviews about the books I read in my Instagram feed (and longer versions on my GoodReads), I field the same question again and again: How do I find the time to read? Often I come back to the same answers: “Here and there,” or “I always have a book on me,” or “I guess I’m a speed reader?” But recently I …

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What I’m Loving: August 2015

1) Olly Vitamins: Target to the rescue again! My beautiful friend Mary wrote about these vitamins recently and, being on the hunt for a new brand, I was sold. Dean LOVES them! And okayyyy, I love ’em too. Something about gummies that just make you more inclined to want to take your vitamins. 2) Halsey: I feel so out of touch with music lately. It’s just not a priority, especially when I write in silence (I wish it wasn’t that …

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My Turn at Summer Camp

Growing up in the Midwest, I never experienced summer camp. At least, not the type I’ve read about in fiction. At this year’s annual gathering of the Midwest Writers Workshop in Muncie, I got it. All those reasons people love the camp experience? Getting away, connecting with others, helping people, staying up late, partying, and walking away with a year’s worth of memories made in less than a week? That is this writers’ workshop in a nutshell. This was also the workshop at …

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