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My Essay for Women Writers

A few months back, I had a burst of creative insight on a topic I’d been mulling for a while—what creative forces had motivated me to finish my second novel. Shortly after, I came across a particular passage in #Hamiltome that crystallized the topic for me. So I sat down and put some thoughts down on paper. My first instinct was to hit “Publish” and share them on my blog. But I stopped myself, knowing I might be able to get it published somewhere.

Today I’m happy to share my essay, “Having An Affair With Your Writing,” came out this week for the online literary magazine, Women Writers, Women’s Books.

A special thank you to Barbara Bos for letting me highlight my work on her site. And, while I don’t expect them to ever see this, shout-outs to Elizabeth Gilbert and Lin-Manual Miranda, too. I speak for a LOT of creatives out there when I say I am INSANELY inspired by the both of you!Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.43.20 PM



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