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Friday Frame of Mind
Friday Frame of Mind

Can you believe we’re half-way through August? Hearing cicadas in the trees and seeing buses back on the city streets is a reminder fall’s approaching. Which means sweater season—hurray!!!!

On those exclamation points, what are your weekend plans? Nick’s fishing up in Michigan with a buddy of his while Dean and I head to my parents. I’m taking him to the splash pad Saturday with his cousins in between shooting an engagement session in the morning and laughing my booty off with my bestie at a late-night showing of Trainwreck. That’s what I’ve got to look forward to in the next 48 hours, but here are a few things that have made me happy in the past two weeks:

1) My hubby growing out his beard: This happens every fall, Nick growing out his facial hair. He’s got GREAT facial hair (and can grow it out in a hot minute). So it’s got me all wife-y excited to see THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF MY HOT BEARDED HUSBAND (every year, when it happens, it’s like the sound of trumpets accompanies the all-caps pronouncement in my head—yes, I’m a total dork).  Also, I love how Nick’s beard has started going all salt-and-pepper-y on him. It’s sexy in a George Clooney kind of way, but also in that “gosh we’re getting older but we’re doing it together and that’s such a blessing” way too. (This throwback Instagram pic of a bearded Nick pretty much sums up his personality in one post; I love it).

2) I read this excerpt from Mindy Kaling’s forthcoming book and squeed in anticipation of getting my hands on a copy: GOSH I love Mindy. From loving her first book, to getting to see her speak last year, to the fond memories of Nick and I binge watching The Mindy Project this winter (cannot WAIT for the new season on Hulu), she is the celebrity I fangirl hardest about, the one I would most love to take out to lunch.

3) Speaking of fangirling, Elizabeth Gilbert favorited one of my Tweets this week. And then I died. No, really …

4) Nick and I discovered this popcorn (from CVS of all places–we so fancy 😉 ) and promptly devoured the entire bag with a bottle of red wine while watching VEEP last night. (Then I fell asleep on the couch at 10 because, well, #imgettingold).

5) I got to Skype with TWO of my favorite long-distance friends this month, Tina, and Mary. For all the crappy pockets of the Internet (and there are plenty), it’s connected me to so many beautiful people over the past 10 years that I wouldn’t want to live in an age without it.

And because no post is complete without a picture, I came out of the bedroom the other day to see Dean sharing his fruit snacks with his favorite teddy bear. I tip-toed into my office to get my pro camera to capture the moment because seriously, this is the stuff parenting is made of.


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  • Susan Evans

    You should write your own version of Jason Derulo’s “Trumpets” about Nick’s beard!
    On a more G rated note, that pic of Dean is awwww inspiring.

  • Ellen

    That is. The SWEETEST story about Dean and the SWEETEST picture! My heart!

  • Tina

    Yay! Loved catching up with you-and this photo of dean is the sweetest! Bring on fall!!!!

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