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Friday Frame of Mind
Friday Frame of Mind

What’s on your schedule for the weekend? For me, a trip north to hang out with my family. My little hometown has its annual festival going on, so I’ll be taking Dean to see the parade, ride rides, and hang with my best friend at her parents’ pool. Come Sunday, we’ll get our cake on at my niece’s tenth birthday, so it should be a good one.

Speaking of good, here’s a few things that made this week special.

1) First things first—how pretty is this picture? When my talented photographer friend (hi Jill!) shared it this week with a straight-from-her-heart kind of post (check it out), I asked if I could make it my new wallpaper download and she kindly obliged. I don’t know about you, but daisies make me all sorts of happy. This bunch in particular ….

2) I sent a group thank-you to some of my favorite girlfriends, all parents of sons, because it’s been a super frustrating week for me and Nick as parents. Dean isn’t where we want (or need) him to be with potty training, but my sweet friends’ encouraging words filled my heart with gratitude. They helped me realize it’s okay to take a break from trying, that this stage will pass, and when it comes to child-rearing, it really does take a village.

3) I’ve been listening non-stop to “Get Ready to Get Down,” the debut release from my favorite artist Josh Ritter‘s forthcoming album, Sermon on the Rocks. It’s so good—and how flipping clever is this video? I’m obsessed.

4) I published a cool story about a group of Iraqi students who’ve been at Ball State this month, getting their learn on. Meeting them and writing this was a highlight of my July.

5) I’m still basking in the after-glow of this year’s Midwest Writers Conference. It was last weekend and SUCH an amazing experience. This year I made so many friends, I’m like a kid with summer camp blues now that it’s over. Hope to share a post about it soon …

On that note, happy Friday friends!

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  • Jill Nicole

    I really like that Josh Ritter song! I’ll have to check out more of his stuff. The program you wrote about is so smart. I’m actually kind of surprised there are only 4 in the country… you would think it would benefit everyone involved. Lastly, I’m very flattered. You’re such a sweet friend.

  • Ali

    Oh Gail! Potty training sucks. The summer of the year that our oldest turned three we called the “Poop Wars.” He fought us every step of the way and pooped every where he should not have. The week of his third birthday he announced, “I go on potty on now,” and that was it, he was done and did it himself. The Little Boys turned three in April and they did the same thing. He will get there! Go easy on yourselves.

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