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Friday Frame of Mind
Friday Frame of Mind

Doesn’t the week after a vacation feel like the LONGEST.WEEK.EVER? After 12 days on the road (and 4,000 miles logged on our Pruis!) we got back last Friday from a family vacation to Montana to see Nick’s sister. As I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things, here’s a peek at some of this week’s bright spots helping me nurse my vacation hangover:

1) VEEP. We started binging this show this week and in between laughs I was reminded all over again how awesome a physical comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus is. Also, how much I missed Tony Hale post-Arrested Development. Anybody else VEEP fans? Somebody get me a cornstarch spoon ….

2) The Skimm. My friend Amber tipped me off to this awesome e-newsletter and it’s just the thing to make me feel less guilty that most of what I know about Greece and Iran these days is coming from my Facebook feed or John Oliver.

3) I made braised Mexican chicken fajitas this week from this GOOP-y recipe and they rocked our world.

4) I convinced a handful of my social media friends (and counting!) to get lost in Taylor Jenkins’ Reid’s Maybe in Another Life. Such a pleasurable little read that was a nice escape from all the unpacking and laundry and to-do lists happening in my house.

5) I circled December 18 on my calendar after seeing the trailer for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s Sisters. Who’s coming along to laugh their booties off with me?

And, in less fun news, Monday I was diagnosed with shingles. (Cue sad trombone sound.) Friends, feeling like half your body is on fire/itching like you have poison ivy/sore like you just completed your first triathlon….well, it’s not fun. At. all. Between that and Dean having a hard time readjusting to our at-home routine and starting up potty training in our house, this week definitely could have pulled me into the riptide of suck. Instead, it’s the little things I’ve mentioned above (and editing pics like the one below) helping me stay focused on the bright side.

On that note, happy Friday friends!


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