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The Course That Helped Me Write My First Novel
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I’m someone who’s taking the long view about her writing career. Which means, as I field rejections for my second manuscript, I’m putting my big girl pants on and—while still serious about edits that will likely end up being necessary for this second book—contemplating what I might want to write for the third.

As much as I’m keeping my eyes on the future, I also want to take the occasional look back on how far I’ve come on this journey. I’ve only been writing fiction seriously now for three years. I’m still an apprentice. And occasionally, I like to look back on the experience that started it all for me back in 2013. To mark that occasion—and to celebrate Midwest Writers Workshop launching a new series of online courses called MWW Ongoing—I recently wrote an essay about what motivated me to get serious about my dream of publishing a novel. You can head to MWW’s blog to check it out or use the link below:

The Course That Helped Me Write My First Novel


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