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What I’m Loving: June 2016
What I'm Loving


Hello? Is this thing on? I’m like a comedian stepping in front of the harsh spotlight of a stage and a hot mike because guys, it’s been a LONG time. Like, this-blog-has-dust bunnies-under-its-covers long. But I made a promise last fall to focus on finishing my second manuscript and now that I’ve done it, I finally have head space again to write some fun content for my website. Topping that list are these round-ups of books, films, pop culture kernels and random catch-all I’ve been loving lately.

1) Cavallini Wrapping Paper: My introduction to this gorgeous paper came in 2010. Nick and I were a few weeks shy of a European vacation when a package arrived from a UK photographer-turned-admirer-turned-soon-to-be-friend. Emma (who we later met up with for drinks at a London pub) had wrapped tour guides and Paris subway tickets in this awesome London paper. I was smitten. Recently, I placed an order for Cavallini paper, this time as prints for my son. (For his upcoming fourth birthday, we’re gifting him a “big boy” room and I can’t wait to see how his fascination with bugs plays out with prints like this on his walls—although pardon me while I sob because MY KID IS FOUR ALREADY).

2) Kondo-ing: You didn’t know that was a verb? If you’d read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up you would. I read this book in May, after which I entered into a cartoon-like purge of my house, complete with flailing arms and clothes flying through the air. (At some point, I want to write a blog post about my thoughts on how clutter impedes creativity). If you’re needing a nudge to tidy up your own place, swing by and I’ll lend you my copy.

3) MSecure: Wouldn’t the world be easier if we didn’t need passwords for EVERYTHING? Awhile back, I cried uncle on the number of times I’ve forgotten the variation of the three I use and bought this app (which is $10). BEST MONEY EVER SPENT. Now I’ve got the passwords and important details for a host of other things I need to know (birthdays, SS#s, our Wi-Fi code) stored safely in my phone. I swear my brain sighs with relief every time I open up this app.

4) Me Before You: It feels like a million years ago I saw this, but also like I waited a million years for it to make its way to the theater. I was one of the approximately 10.2 million women who read—and sobbed—over JoJo Moyes’ book when it came out. I loved the actors in the film and while I was glad to see it was a faithful adaptation (#bumblebeetights), I agree with this Bustle list of scenes that should have made it into the movie.

5) The Balanced Life: What I love about instructor Robin Long is that she has a gentle approach to exercise (Pilates specifically) and a mantra that even if you only have 10 minutes a day (which is the basis of a lot of her daily workouts), you can still see results. I’ve been a monthly subscriber of The Balanced Life for a few months now (it’s $9 for a packet of recipes and workout links to follow) and it’s so worth. She’s motivating me in a way my gym membership never has!


What I’m Loving: August 2015

1) Olly Vitamins: Target to the rescue again! My beautiful friend Mary wrote about these vitamins recently and, being on the hunt for a new brand, I was sold. Dean LOVES them! And okayyyy, I love ’em too. Something about gummies that just make you more inclined to want to take your vitamins. 2) Halsey: I feel so out of touch with music lately. It’s just not a priority, especially when I write in silence (I wish it wasn’t that …

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What I’m Loving: July 2015

1) Day Designer Planner from Target: I’ve tried umpteen times to make a physical planner work and so many times I’ve failed. When I saw Whitney English was bringing her much-touted Day Designer planners to Target, I went out of my way to give one a go. I’ve had friends rave about them, and so far, so good. I think why it’s working for me is because Whitney has laid out the pages so well. Each gives you a schedule and to-do list with …

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What I’m Loving: June 2015

1) The Return of Amazing Music: I feel like I’ve been in a music drought for too long. So far, the summer of 2015 has been good to me—with Brandon Flowers’ Desired Effect and Florence Welch’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful getting HEAVY rotation on my laptop and phone. “Dreams Come True” (off Desired Effect) is a perfect anthem to belt out in the car, on a run, or, if you’re like me, while folding your running shorts you should be …

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What I’m Loving: May 2015

A few freelance editing projects stole me away from the blog for a bit in May, but I’m back with a new round-up of some of what I’ve been loving lately! 1) Becky vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli: I can’t think of the last book I read—especially about teens—that felt so NOW. Becky is an AMAZING writer (if I ever met her, I might get all Wayne and Garth on her), and the story she captures of …

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