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Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten Tuesdays

Inspired by bloggers Bibliophilia and The Broke and the Bookish (originators of the idea), I thought I’d introduce a new monthly feature, Top Ten Tuesday. For long-time followers, you know I did a Ten on Tuesday feature once upon a time as a photographer. I loved those posts, because they let you get to know me better. This time around, you’re getting a more “bookish” version, but it’s the same concept in theory. Here’s this month’s topic:

Top Ten Of Your Auto-buy Authors

(no matter the genre or what it’s about…you’ll buy it from these authors!)


1) RAINBOW ROWELL: I own and have read all of Rainbow’s books—my favorites? A tie for Fangirl (because I adore Levi) and Attachments (because a newspaper romance was how my husband and I also found each other). Everything that woman touches is hilariously golden.

2) MINDY KALING: I’m so excited for Mindy’s second book I could burst! Her first kept me company back in 2011 while my husband and I were on a road trip out in the Pacific Northwest. This time around, the fact she found time to keep up with her TV show AND write a new collection of essays? The woman boggles my mind with her talent and drive.

3) JANDY NELSON: Jandy’s I’ll Give You the Sun was the 2015 Printz winner and with good reason—it’s a remarkably original work. I’ve read both of her books and will read everything she writes from here on out. Her writing style is the most beautiful combination of prose and poetry.

4) NICKOLAS BUTLER: Never have I found a voice that more perfectly captures the Midwest I know and love (though Chad Harbach is a close second). Butler’s Shotgun Lovesongs was one of my favorite reads of 2014. I gushed pretty hard about it over on GoodReads, but it’s a book I’ve recommended time and again since. I’m looking forward to picking up his new collection of short stories—see, I’m not a short stories kind of gal, but in Butler’s hands, I’ll give ’em a go.

5) MARCUS ZUSACK: I had a friend turn me on to Zusack’s The Book Thief back in 2007. At the time, it wasn’t on many people’s radars and I became one of a legion of fans who did everything in their power to help change that. (I think I’ve seriously bought a dozen copies of it as gifts over the years). I read his first book and loved it too, and have spent the years since stalking his Facebook page in the hopes he will finish a third book he’s hinted at. (Once he responded to me directly on the page and I squealed out loud—true story.)

6) KATIE COTUGNO: Summer 2015 is the summer I discovered Katie. First off, I spent like, an hour on her website, reading every post—that’s how much I loved her voice. (She’s like, Rory Gilmore’s lost sister, I swear.) I also purchased and read both her books, but it’s her most recent YA title, 99 Days, that really grabbed me. Some great memories of reading this on lunch breaks back in June—on park benches with sweating Arnold Palmers or iced lattes in hand, as it should be with a summer page turner that swallows your attention whole.

7) JONATHAN TROPPER: It was a glowing review from Entertainment Weekly (they make good calls on books, FYI) that made me pick up This is Where I Leave You back in 2009. I hadn’t read a work of fiction like that in so long (one that made you laugh out loud) that I scrambled to find (and read) nearly every Tropper book that came before and after it. I loved Plan B especially.

8) DONNA TARTT: It was her second book, The Little Friend, that I read first (my junior year in college). Years later, I finally got around to The Secret History and today it’s one of my favorite books of all time (ohhh Bunny). Even The Goldfinch, which I had a total love/hate relationship with, captured my attention for the sheer ambition of it. I may not always love Donna’s work, but I’ll buy it so I can talk about it with the rest of the world she’s kept on pins and needles waiting a decade for it. (PS-Of course she doesn’t have a website…of course.)

9) JOHN GREEN: I mean, do I even have to say anything more? I’m curious—how big do you think the print run will be for his next book? Record-breaking, I imagine. Hey John, no pressure or anything 😉

10) SHAUNA NIEQUIST: Shauna is one of my favorite chicken-soup writers. Her books—beautiful essays on faith, friendship, family and food—are just good for a woman’s soul. Reading her work always makes me feel more grateful for my own relationships and creative passions. Also, she has such a clear voice—I always feel like she’s reading her work to me as my eyes scan the pages.

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