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What to Read Now: Summer 2016
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Another season, another What to Read post for Jen over at As quiet as I’ve been on the blog, the great news is that it’s in large part the result of having finished my second manuscript (which is now out with some critique partners/beta readers for that revision stage that is both so painful and necessary and wonderful all at once). My hope is to pick back up with some content here now. I’ve got an essay coming out soon on a popular writing website that I’m excited to share (it highlights my journey finishing this latest book of mine—with a rather unexpected ‘Hamilton’ connection!) and my summer goal is to resume with my What I’m Loving posts, but for now, here’s a peek at what I’ve been (and will be) reading in the weeks/months to come!

My Summer Reading List and for a long view, check out my picks for winter 2016, fall 2015, summer 2015, winter 2015, fall 2014, and summer 2014.



Breaking Down My Reading Habit

Only in the last few years have I thought of myself as a “fast” reader. As I post short reviews about the books I read in my Instagram feed (and longer versions on my GoodReads), I field the same question again and again: How do I find the time to read? Often I come back to the same answers: “Here and there,” or “I always have a book on me,” or “I guess I’m a speed reader?” But recently I …

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My Pledge to (Try and) Love Poetry

Not sure how many of you know April is National Poetry Month—an observance one publication deems “necessary because, for various reasons, most people don’t read much poetry.” Amen to that. Of the tens of thousands of hours I’ve devoted to reading, very few of them have been dedicated to verse. Case in point: My husband the other day, randomly: “April is the cruelest month…” Me: “What’s that from? That’s some famous line isn’t it?” Him [smacking his forehead]: “T.S. Eliot? The Wasteland?!” You got …

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