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More than a month—that’s how long it’s been since I’ve made a new post. The good news: It’s because, after a busy summer, I’ve hunkered down and am writing, writing, writing again (just passed the 100 page mark on my second book —woot!)

The bad news: Working in earnest on my novel means, after work and family commitments are factored in, I have little time to write much else.

There are blog posts in recent weeks I’ve written in my head multiple times (mostly as I’m walking into work or on a run or driving). Ones that will probably never get written (though I do hold on to the ideas for future possibilities!) because now is not the time and the time is not now.

That’s the mantra I’ve given myself for this creative season I’m stepping in to, one of progress and productivity and trying to get this darn book done already.

It’s a good place to be in, a familiar place (I didn’t blog at all when I wrote my first book), and one I’m excited to return to, especially with winter encroaching. (I feel guiltier writing in the summer months … all that sunshine makes me feel like a fool for staying indoors!)

Earlier tonight, I did this thing where I spent like, 30 minutes trying to find a story I’d read a few weeks back on this topic (of writers escaping all other obligations—friends, social commitments, social media—so they could finish their work). I thought I’d saved it on Twitter, but then could never find the link and I got so ticked about the precious time I’d lost (which was really just an exercise in the art of procrastination) that I closed my computer and walked away. Ten minutes of pouting later, I came back to it and thought, Write the post anyway.

In some ways, tonight’s inner battle is the perfect metaphor for what I’m trying to do creatively right now: push through the days when what I’m writing might be crap; silence the parts of me that want to argue I can’t write a book in 20(ish) minute-increments a day (I absolutely can and have done so already); and remember that I put this website together to highlight my writing and share occasional peeks into the journey. Not to win a popularity contest or impose limits on myself (i.e., ‘I must blog two times a week) I cannot keep.

As much as I wish I was in a season right now where I could keep sharing such posts (because I really do love writing them—the What I’m Loving and Friday Frame of Mind entries especially), I wish even more to stop feeling guilty over embracing the season I’m in right now: the one where the work is getting done. Because first and foremost, this is all about the work and, off the screen and on the page, it’s getting done. I promise this is true and I hope someday I’ll have a published manuscript to show for it!

In the meantime, aside from a few posts about some freelance work I’ve completed recently, expect to hear little from me until I finish this latest novel. When I do, I’ll take a selfie popping a glass of champagne and we can all celebrate together (and by ‘we,’ I mean me and my mom who is my most loyal follower 🙂 )

(Writing so much lately also has put me dismally behind on editing personal photos … as in, I think the last time I printed a photo of my son, he was in a snowsuit. Here’s a pic from a recent visit I made out to L.A. to see a girlfriend. This second novel of mine features a Midwestern kid getting his first taste of L.A. so the caption to this image is “Research”.)



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  • Lesley Stefanski

    Absolutely loved your mantra “now is not the time and the time is not now.” because I have had to adopt a very similar one in regards to my blog and business while I focus on my two young children and myself. I too feel guilty but I want to send you all the love and encouragement to hibernate and write and write away. We will be here waiting with baited breath for your return!

    • gw_admin

      AHHHH Lesley, thank you SO MUCH! That’s very very encouraging to hear from a reader! I wish you the best of luck too! All women, but mothers especially, deserve that grace. Think about the work that could be out there if we all silenced our inner critics and embraced our talents guilt-free! xoxo

  • Piotr

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